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Diamond dealers use price lists to let their Clients know what is available, and what the asking price is for each diamond. It is very well understood that these numbers are often negotiable. We provide you with a diamond price list, which allows you to see a general price for specific diamonds. The figures we provide on our price list are references for you, and should most definitely be negotiable.

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How To Use Our List

Find a diamond in our list that is close to what you want.

Note the price we have listed for that diamond.

When you are talking with your jeweler about purchasing your diamond, use the price we have provided to you as a "ballpark" figure for your diamond. For example, if we have the exact diamond you want listed for $3000, when you go into a jewelry store and they tell you that diamond will cost $4000, be wary. If they tell you that diamond will cost $2000, be wary. It should cost close to the price we list as our prices are quite accurate. The price of diamonds can vary on a lot of factors, to include if the diamond dealer just needs to "move" the diamond, or perhaps if it was purchased as part of a bundle but is being sold individually, or maybe it was bought a long time ago and reflects an older price. All of these examples have nothing to do with the actual diamond. So, when you use our diamond prices as a guide, you are better informed and prepared to detect the best deals for your diamond.

Price List


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  • Ask your jeweler to show you several diamonds of varying shape (cut), color, clarity and carat. The more diamonds you see, the better prepared you will be to identify what you like. For instance, you may be familiar with round brilliant diamonds, but have you ever seen a beautiful cushion cut diamond? What about small princess cut diamonds to accent your round brilliant center instead of more small round brilliant diamonds? The more exposed you are to what is out there, the more cultured your palate will be for what you enjoy.

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  • Many people feel, especially in the age of the internet, that they, as the consumer, should already be fully educated before they make a buying decision. This is far from correct. Diamonds are a very unique type of purchasing experience. You should ask your jeweler any questions about diamonds and jewelry that you can imagine. If you are not familiar with holding a loupe, ask your jeweler, "Would you please show me how to properly hold this loupe?" Do not be ashamed to ask for help. Your jeweler should be happy to help teach you! Ask how to properly use tweezers to hold a loose diamond, and what are some things to NOT do. Ask for some quick tips on how to quickly identify a diamond as real or not. Ask questions of your jeweler.

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